Information Visualization MOOC

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The self-directed version of the IVMOOC is for students who are interested in independently study the written and video instructional materials of the course.

The concurrent version of the IVMOOC allows you to learn about information visualization over 17 weeks with the course students and course instructors enrolled at Indiana University. Students enrolling in this version of the course will be expected to complete two exams and work in a team to create information visualizations as part of a real world client project.

As part of this course you will use the Science of Science (Sci2) tool, an open source data mining and visualization software package.

Honor Code: Academic integrity requires that participants take credit only for ideas and efforts that are their own. Participants must not use unauthorized assistance, materials, information, or study aids in any assessments. Participants must not use another person as a substitute in taking assessments. Participants must not take any credit for a team project unless the participant has made a fair and substantial contribution to the group effort. Lastly, participants must not intentionally or knowingly help or attempt to help another participant to commit an act of academic misconduct.